You saw the teaser last week, and now you can watch the full Road Trips Never Fail edit from Rome Snowboards in all its glory. This right here, is what snowboarding is all about.

Join the Rome Snowboards crew as they pile into a converted Greyhound bus and embark on a pilgrimage through Oregon, hitting Mt. Hood Meadows and Mt. Bachelor, and getting their fill of snowboarding, skating, gambling, cliff diving and general good time-having.

Although a tad longer than your usual web edit these days, this one's well worth watching to the end. And with a crew consisting of Will Lavigne, Ozzy Henning, Riley Nickerson, Keenan Cawley, Jeff Hopkins, Thomas Delfino and more, the snowboarding is a-grade stuff.

As always, Ozzy Henning is a definite highlight, throwing technical tricks with the most buttery, effortless style. Ozzy has been filming with Absinthe this past season, so expect him to break into the big leagues shortly.

Road Trips Never Fail is packed with snowboard trains, backflips and pow slashes and just see if this doesn't make you regret sitting around on your ass this spring rather than getting out there. It sure made us wish we'd gotten more spring snowboarding in.