Watch one of the movies that re-defined the way that snowboard movies are made today: Robot Food's Afterbang.

It's difficult to put into words the full impact that the Robot Food movies had on snowboarding when they were released. 'Afterbang' was the first in the trilogy and set the tone for what would become three of the most cherished movies in the history of snowboarding.

With their diverse and incredibly memorable soundtracks that traded cheesy 80's tunes for the gangster rap that was all the rage at the time, and some legendary names in snowboarding, the Robot Food films were some of the first to properly capture the feeling of having fun on your snowboard. When re-watched, they trigger that nostalgic feeling that makes it seem like everything was just so much better back then.

Check out the movie that started it all off above and when you're done be sure to hunt down copies of 'Lame' and 'Afterlame' as well. Afterlame in particular has one of the most memorable soundtracks in a snowboard movie ever.

Featuring Jussi Oksanen, Louie Fountain, David Benedek, Christoph Weber, Travis Parker, Jaako Seppala, Joni Malmi, Joni Makinen, Wille Yli-Luoma, Chris Engelsman, Bobby Meeks, Eddie Wall, JP Solberg