Do you know the name Robban Gustafsson? No? Well, he is the man behind camera who takes all these awesome shots we post. Some of the footage you may have seen in movies such as Absinthe, Pirates and Scandalnavians, but there are also some that haven't aired yet! Anyways, the whole edit is wicked sick!

'In my spare time, I enjoy capturing snowboarding. Here's a collection of clips from last season. Some ended up in some movies, others in online edits and a few didn't make the cut and have not been previously released. A huge thanks to all the snowboarders I have filmed, it's always a privilege to stand in the front row and capture all the action up close.'

'Please support companies making snowboard movies in order to keep the whole thing alive.'

'Thanks for watching.'

Robban Gustafsson

Riders in order of appearance: Erik Botner, Alexander De La Torre, Jonas Carlson, Isak Bjornstrom, Caroline Degardh, Tove Holmgren, George Persson, Klas Beyer, Philip Grund, Len Roald Jorgensen, Ludwig Leijkner, Zebbe Landmark, Jonathan Nilsson, Nils Arvidsson, Kalle Ohlson, Viktor Wiberg, Noa Gadelius, Erik Karlsson, Chris Grenier, Frank April, Louif Paradis.