UPDATE: Thats 24 hours folks! If you missed it, check out the Pirate Log above and make sure you head to iTunes to snap yourself up a copy here!

Watch Elias Elhardt ride where very few have ridden before him in the full India section from Pirate Movie Production's ground breaking movie 'Perceptions', online exclusively at Onboardmag.com for 24 hours only.

We're beyond hyped to bring you the full India section from Pirate Movie Productions' masterpiece 'Perceptions', featuring German soul-surfer Elias Elhardt tearing down some breathtaking faces and features in India.

It's not often we get to witness riders snowboard in India, but Elias Elhardt was lucky enough to score a trip out there last season to film for Perceptions. After hitting some next level 'urban pillows', Elias heads up into the Himalayas for the real deal: steep, relentless, big mountain lines.

Watch him tear down some seriously giant faces with the kind of poise, control and power that we've come to expect from Elias over the past few seasons. He's a rider who's rapidly risen up through snowboarding's ranks, and has become one of our favourite riders to watch.

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