Brage Richenberg and the bromies are back for another compilation of their finest phone footy from last winter. Party Laps The Movie 2 is live and will get you frothing to hit the hill, yo!

Over the course of its comparatively short history, the medium of snowboarding video has tended to keep pace with the evolution of videography - at least when the budget has permitted. From 8mm to 35mm film, to digital video, HD, mega-mo and now the 4K footage being spat out by the bigger productions, there's always been the movement towards representing the sport in as crystal-clear a fashion as possible.

But there has always been a counterpoint to the high-end, cutting edge, pristine side of the spectrum. If you remember the first couple of Euro Gap movies you'll know what we're getting at - effectively bro-cam efforts that dispense with the latest in camera or editing technologies in favour of blending partying, dicking around, and - if you were Joni Malmi or Paavo Tiikkanen - great riding from you and your crew. The riding might not be quite the kind of snowboarding everyone can relate to, but there's an undeniable nugget of truth that all riders can relate to.

"There has always been a counterpoint to the high-end, cutting edge, pristine side of the spectrum"

Often such approaches can capture the essence of shredding as effectively - if not more so - than multiple heli-cam follow shots of gyroscopically stabilised mindblowing riding. Though the good ones have legit riging, they'll also speak to countless groups of friends who've hot lapped a park all day and gotten carried away with the afterski in the evening. And now that phones can film at a quality level that's pretty insane, we're increasingly seeing clips, web edits and the occasional movie shot on the dog and bone.

Last season, Norwegian rider Brage Richenberg channelled his inner Euro Gap to produce Party Laps - The Movie. "Edited 100% on iMovie" was one of his taglines (we also liked the fact he took care of lighting duties on-set, too), Party Laps was as we called it at the time "a masterpiece of bro-cam party-lapping."

And now he's back with a sequel. Featuring Brage himself along with Aleksander Klerud, Thomas Hubert, Simen Johannessen, Halldor Helgason, Sven Thorgren, Kristoffer Leraan, Party Laps - The Movie 2 is as lofi, loose, fun and generally awesome as you'd expect. Go hit play and check it out!