'94 never looked so good.

This is one from snowboarding's vaults but it's an absolute gem, an oldie but a goodie, a timeless classic. Room and Board Productions nailed it with this one. Taking us from Innsbruck Air + Style, Pettnau Village, St. Anton to Les Arcs, Axamer Lizum, and everywhere in between is Joshua Heminger, Travis Young, Axel Paurporte, Chris Moran, David Vincent, Go Go Gosner, Salman Agah and Tommi Toiminen. Sending it off everything in sight was the order of every day back then, and my god does it look fun. Get it watched and learn how it was done back in the day.

"Dear Dad, writing to let you know that we'll be in Les Arcs, where the powder is FAT."

Part Two below!

Odd Man Out