Nowamean have dropped their full length offering for 2014/2015 featuring some insane snowboarding from some seriously talented Canadian up-and-comers.

Nowamean has been one of the crews impressing the snowboarding world most over the past couple of seasons, with a handful of heavy releases and an abundance of full parts packed to the rafters with incredibly stylish, technical snowboarding.

'DEADEND' is the latest full-length release from the crew and continues the trend of providing a platform for some of the hottest up-and-comers out of the Quebec region.

With some cameo appearances from Jed Anderson, Jake Kuzyk and more, an insane opening part from Jo Truchon, a potentially career-kickstarting part from Alex Mailhot's part and a few shots of the much hyped Dillon Ojo, watching this one's a no-brainer!

Featured riders: Jo Truchon, Alexis Mailhot, LP Dorval, Alex Gogo, Axel Stall, Vince King, Nic Roy, TBag.