Nike have released their highly acclaimed documentary style full movie for free on the interweb. Give it a watch for an insightful look at the different aspects of snowboarding from a rider perspective. Oh and of course, some epic shots.

Bored of your more typical 'rider parts set to music' snowboard movie formula? This documentary style one from Nike is well worth a watch: for the rider commentary and behind the scenes shots as well as the bangers you'd expect from the likes of Jed Anderson, Halldor Helgason, Nicolas Müller and Gigi Rüf and the rest of the stacked Nike team.

As Nike perhaps put it best:

Never Not Part 2 takes a deeper look at snowboarding, going beyond the action, the tricks, & the travel to expose the people behind the progression. By elevating the voices and viewpoints of the world's best riders, this film taps into the snowboarding spirit, exposing audiences to the sport's unique culture and characters. Getting up close and personal with the riders, we learn what it takes and what it means to realize your potential and live the snowboard dream. Exploring the creativity and ambition that drives these riders, snowboarding expands. It becomes a metaphor for freedom and an inspiration to pursue your passions whatever they may be.

If you enjoyed Never Not Part 1, this is highly recommended viewing - oh and Nicolas Müller, perhaps the most poetic man in snowboarding, has some absolute choice quotes in it as well...