Check out the second movie from Swiss crew Mindset PRDCTNS, who have dropped 'No Winter Lasts Forever' in full.

It's always sick to see a group of friends get out there and make something out of nothing, and despite the challenging snow conditions in Europe last season, these guys from Switzerland did just that.

There's some solid street, park and powder snowboarding in Mindset PRDCTNS new movie - have a watch and see if it doesn't get you inspired to go out and shoot something this winter too.

Good stuff guys!

We are a crew from Switzerland that loves to go out there and get something done. Last season, we travelled through Europe looking for snow, which wasn't the easiest task. Europe had a pretty shitty season, so we ended up going to Norway, Finland, Austria, Germany and, of course, Switzerland to set up street spots and building kickers to get some shots together.

Riders: Andy Walker, Boris Bühler, Joos Caviezel, Florian Arnold, Arda Serce, Cédric Gisler, Andreas Iseli, Andreas Arn, Severin van der Meer, Adrian Oesch, Moritz Thönen, Simon Bürki and Yannik Furger.