All-girl Euro crew Lipstick Productions have just released their fourth movie, SOMETHING.

After a more or less snow-less winter in the northern Alps we decided to travel to BC in Canada. But unfortunately all we found was rain & ice, except in the last two days we got lucky. Followed by another adventure travel to the unknown in Georgia. Great park riding footage got provided from the legendary Nine Queens event. Last but not least Marion Haerty and our one and only Julia Baumgartner round the movie with a solid backcountry & street part off. Enjoy!

Featuring: Urska Pribosic, Julia Baumgartner, Ana Rumiha, Lisa Filzmoser, Conny Bleicher, Cecilia Larsen, Marion Haerty & friends.

Sponsored by: Nitro, Blue Tomato, K2 Snowboarding, Amplifi