Minimovies are all the hype these days, so Felix Remington recruited our old filmer mate Denis Ylikangas to blast out this 8-minuter featuring himself and an all-star cast of Scandi homies...

A Minimovie, following Felix Remington Engström's season, when cruising between different crews, from town to town, north to south in Sweden.

Riders: Felix Remington Engström, Ludwig Lejkner, Jonathan Lindhe, Abbe Hjellström, Theo Hjellström, Hans Åhlundh, Len Jörgensen, Rasmus Andersson, Nonne Reif and George Persson.

Filming: Dennis Ylikangas, Lowe Andersson, Kristoffer Kuske Fahlgren and riders.

Thanks to: SP-Bindnings & SP-Gadgets for all the support throughout the season and this movie. Lowe Andersson and Kuske for the Shots. Lobster snowboards, Neff headwear, Dragon Alliance, Thirtytwo and HAZE.