We have a proper crush on Laax - not only does it stand as one of the best snowparks in Europe, their series throughout the winter called The Crap Show, is always one of the highlights of our week. They then go and back it up with a killer feature film, this year called Afterparty, that features some of our favourite Swiss and international riders.

Then, they've only just gone and landed the final punch in the form of an all female flick to round of their seasonal offerings. At a time where the amount of footage we see from the ladies of shred is in a drought, we reckon it's sick that Laax are pushing female riding in a positive direction. Kudos. Here's what Snowpark Laax had to say on the matter:

"If you thought Laax's recent short film "Afterparty" was just a total sausage fest with only dudes shredding - think again. There were plenty of ladies there killing it on every setup - from the handrails to the superpipe, and from the pro line kickers to BBQing and beer drinking - these girls know how to party! So without further adieu, Laax is proud to present "Afterparty - Girls", featuring the talents of Joelle Juchli, Sina Candrian, Stephanie Kauert and Queralt Castellet. There is definitely no shortage of bad ass ladies throwing down here, so kick up your feet, sit back, relax, and enjoy!"