The first volume of KBR Productions' three-part movie, Golden Years, has just dropped and features Janne Lipsanen sending it into pow while Toni Kerkelä crushes it downtown. Watch it NOW...

For their follow-up to last season's acclaimed bangfest, Snake Bite, KBR Productions have decided to shake up their formula this time round. Rather than dropping one 20-minute full flick, they've opted to release Golden Years in three 'volumes' before unleashing the full shebang that'll follow the more traditional formula. And this is the first Volume.

Kicking things off is Janne Lipsanen who took full advantage of KBR's first proper backcountry trip to stack a host of powder stomps before heading back to Finland to show that he's equally talented when he takes his game downtown.

The other dude in Volume I is KBR OG Toni Kerkelä - he's been an instrumental part of the KBR crew since day 1 - who predictably applies his skate-style steeze to a succession of gnarly jibs and street spots. Some of the multi-kinked, round the bend shit he pulls off will have your jaws on the floor.

Make sure you check back in a week's time when the dudes will drop Volume II, and in the meantime you can catch up with their haps, find out the dates of any upcoming premieres near you and give the boys some love over on their Facebook page, which you'll find by heading here -

You can also follow the dudes on Instagram - their handle is @kbrcrew