The Spanish Matadors in the JKD crew have dropped an absolute heater of a debut movie!

We've seen some absolute killer parts out of Spain over the last couple of seasons and the JKD crew are some of the dudes that have been well and truly leading the charge for Spanish street snowboarding. They've just released their debut movie 'Finisterre' and it's just over half an hour of hammers.

You may not have heard of many of these guys before but watch this movie and mark our words that they're here to stay!

It's been a heavy few weeks for free Online European movies, with Finnish KBR crew's 'King Cobra' dropping today along with Italian DVP crew's 'Octopus' being released last week. It can only be an indication of the strength of the European scene at the moment and we're hyped to see legit, full length movies from slightly less established crews rising to the surface.

Marc Salas, Fran Massaguer, Jose Sánchez, Matias Ian, Lorenzo Ruiz, Roberto Carlos Menacho, Bryan Longley, Josep Falgá, Eduard Barniol, Juan Polanco, Borja España, Iker Fernández, Jaime Castro, David Lopez-Mateos and friends.