Jed Anderson's is a true great when it comes to rail riding. Check out his full short film 'Crazy Loco' now, it's amazing.

This season, Salomon Snowboards gave Jed Anderson a filmer and the freedom to create whatever he wanted. 'Crazy Loco' is the result, and documents Jed's adventures across Calgary, Japan, Montreal and Minnesota as he gets wild in the streets with his friends.

As expected, there is some truly next level street snowboarding in here that combines Jed's supreme talent with his unparalleled ability to ride features in ways that nobody else would see, and Crazy Loco also manages to capture Jed's unique personality.

Crazy Loco was originally released on September

23rd 2014 at your local shop for FREE, and came complete with a limited booklet of 40 pages of JedĀ¹s art and photographs. Get it (if you still can!) while supplies last.

Additional Riders: Harrison Gordon, Jake Kuzyk, Scott Stevens, Chris Carr, Mike Rav, Joe Sexton, Teddy Koo, Dylan Ojo, Chris Grenier, Danimals, Jake O.E, and Louif Paradis.