Ice Coast Kills Shit are a snowboard crew out of the New York region and their new movie 'Knucklehead' is pretty much the most entertaining thing we've seen all year.

Featuring some solid street snowboarding in and around New York (plus a couple of shots from nearby Yawgoo Valley in Rhode Island), Ice Coast Kills Shit's new movie is proof that you don't need big mountains or tons of snow to put out a snowboard movie worth watching.

Featuring a hefty sized crew of dudes hell bent on entertaining us, 'Knucklehead' is a worthy way to spend half an hour of your time. This had us solidly laughing out loud on more than two occasions and we highly recommend checking it out.

KNUCKLEHEAD. Presented by the Ice Coast Kills Shit crew. A New York snowboarding movie. Shot entirely in New York with the exception of the Yawgoons section which was shot in Rhode Island.

How you doin bye.