#HelmetsAreCool is a powerful documentary focusing on helmet usage and rider's safety. The movie shows High Fives Athlete Danny Toumarkine’s recovery from a Traumatic Brain Injury he suffered while snowboarding without a helmet along with three other featured athletes.

To all of us who love snowboarding and hit the slopes now and then the value of wearing a helmet can seem self-evident. It protects your head from severe injury. Many of you probably remember last year's Big Air finals at the Winter X Games in Aspen where Halldor Helgason over-rotated a triple back flip, faceplanted and knocked himself out. But like the other competitors he was wearing a helmet, and didn’t fracture his skull.

And there is still plenty of other examples we can give you but we are not going to repeat what you already know. All of you are fully aware helmet can save your life and you don't have to be trying a triple backflip to get into this kind of sketchy situation. It might be just a casual bs 540, which many of you have on lock, that can change your life forever. Don't let anyone convince you that helmets look stupid or not cool. Even if they looked stupid (which they don't) it would still be better to look a little goofy than get hurt and not be able to snowboard ever again in the worst case. There is a lot and at the same time not much to say about this topic. Just use your brain people! I guess it's understandable if you don't want to wear a helmet just cruising slushy slopes, but if you're about to drop in a pipe or hit a kicker it would be smart to reconsider!

If you don't have time to watch the whole 26 min. movie, just watch the first 10 minutes. It gets pretty emotional. Be safe folks!