20 minutes of Ben Ferguson & friends? Go on then. Hail Mary is here, and it's amazing.

The man makes halfpipe riding a joy to watch, and there's plenty of it on show, from contest killing in Laax and Pyeongchang to messing around at his home resort of Mt. Batchelor. His doubles hang in the air for what seems like an impossibly long time - hucked they ain't.

He's pretty handy in the powder too, ticking off some amazing descents in both Japan and Alaska. Manuel Diaz, Iikka Backstrom and Curtis Ciszek are among those along for the ride.

Oxymoron fans will enjoy the movie's refreshingly old-school feel (case in point: location changes are signalled with airport footage). There's no shit trap music, and zero waffle.

Does the title refer to a last-ditch attempt to save the longform, esoteric snowboard movie in the face of relentless disposable edits on social media? Probably not - but it might as well be. Hail Mary will transport you to a world where Mark Zuckerberg never pulled on his first grey T-shirt.

In short, it's most certainly not wank.