The Grindhouse crew based out of the UK have just dropped their brand new shred offering 'Mind Games'. Peep the full movie for some solid snowboarding from the UK's heaviest hitting urban crew.

Mind Games is the follow up to last year's movie 'Scare Money' and is another big step up in terms of the riding, spots and filming. The movie features snowboarding from Will Smith, Andy Nudds, Jamie Nicholls, Ollie Dutton, Tom Guilmard, Jonny Russell, Simon Foster, John Weatherley, Stu Edwards, Matt Higson, Tom Honey, Andy Laird, Jon Addison, Stuart Horsham & Ian Ashmore and was shot in locations like Finland, Iceland and France.

Look out for a super solid opener from Andy Nudds, who's got seriously good style for a tall bloke and an impressive ender from Will Smith, who also features in the new one from the Postland Theory. To be fair though, the whole damn thing is full of hammers.

Not bad for a bunch of riders who hail from a country far more well known for its tea and yorkshire puddings than its snowboard talent...