Re-watch a sick Special Blend / Forum movie from 2008 in this week's Flashback. First Chair Last Call featured all of your favourite Forum riders and some of the brightest outerwear ever seen... RIP Forum!

We're taking it back just a few years in this week's Flashback, with Special Blend/Forum's short free release 'First Chair Last Call'.

Featuring a hefty junk of Forum's jib contingent, First Chair Last Call was packed with some buttery presses, solid street riding and some of the brightest, baggiest outerwear in recent memory.

Don't miss Nic Sauve's sick opening part (how young does he look in this?) set to that classic Chromeo song, the extra fun SPT skatepark style park session, and hammer parts from Special Blend's resident G's Stevie Bell and Travis Kennedy (did you catch the latter's full part from 'That' as last week's Flashback?).

It may not be the heaviest freestyle movie ever committed to film but this really pushed the right buttons for us back in 2008. It was short, to the point, had some great snowboarding in it, as well as some memorable personalities and most importantly, made snowboarding look like a hell of a lot of fun.

Boy oh boy do we miss Forum!

Featuring the riding of: Travis Kennedy, Joni Malmi, Stevie Bell, Nic Sauve, Daniel Ek, Kareem El Rafie, Niko Cioffi and Peter K├Ânig.