This week's Flashback is, in the crew's own words, inspired by all the films made on small local hills every winter, totally independent, driven by creativity and the love for snowboarding. They dedicated this movie to all those crews, posses and people, because you are the true essence of snowboarding. This is their home movie. The finest Swedish flavour shot during the winter of 2002-2003.

We're not 100% sure what's up with the barber shop interludes, but it breaks up the the insane amount of action and gives you a moment to catch your breath.

Featuring a heavily stacked crew of riders including Ronnie Andersson, Hampus Mosesson, Jonas Wilhelmson, Martin Sandberg, Stefan Karlsson, Fredrik Sarvell, Björn Lindgren, Fredrik Blom, Johan Hising and more as they travel the globe in search of the best shred the noughties had to offer. Hitting up Riksgränsen, St. Anton, Mammoth, St. Moritz, Breckenridge, Klimpfjall, Lovelands, Keystone and Livigno along the way, this full flick is jam packed, full to bursting of quality riding that will not disappoint. Enjoy!