Last winter, we noticed #FarmToTable (chicken drumstick emoji) popping up on the grams of Iikka Backstrom and Curtis Ciszek. We thought we'd follow the hashtag to wondrous pictures of #guiltfree #blessed food, but no: the one with the drumstick leads to a whole bunch of shots that the boys stacked together.

In fact there were so many clips that Curtis and Iiikka decided to set 'em to some good old fashioned rock 'n' roll, R&B, hip hop and even some Elvis, package them up and edited perhaps the bro-cam movie to end all bro-cam movies. With stellar riding mixed in with partying, road bantz and general goofing around, this is like a modern day Euro Gap... give this a watch!

Riders: Curtis Ciszek, Iikka Backstrom and friends.