Watch a bunch of Aussie's get shit done out in the streets of Minnesota.

When it comes to street riding, Australians have got pretty limited options. Sure, they have ski resorts over there, but snow in more populated urban areas is essentially a non-occurrence. The only real option is to head abroad to Europe or the US, and what better place than the Midwest?

With temperatures plummeting in winter and an abundance of well-known street features to hit, Minnesota is a pretty safe bet for a street rail pilgrimage from down under.

Rocco Rachiele, Tom Reilly, Troy Sturrock and Jordan Crockford embarked on "a brief escapade into the Minnesotan known", and their #duckduckgreyduck mini movie is the result.

Hit play for some solid street snowboarding, run-ins with locals, a couple of slams and much more in what looked like a pretty productive trip overall. We're not familiar with any of these riders but it's always rad when crews have gone out of their way to do the kind of snowboarding that they want to do.