Philipp Romppel's description for this full movie just says 'snowboarding.' but it's so much more than that. It's damn good snowboarding. It's real stylish snowboarding. It's creative spot choices. It's technical street snowboarding. It's a sick crew putting in work, earning their shots. Check it out already. 8 minutes of grade A freshness.


Featuring: Julian Kossmann, Raffael Kossmann, Paul Tiefenbacher, Christoph Schwarz, Christoph Wagner, Tobi Hartmuth, Wolfgang Natterer, Simon Pircher, Klaus Schwarzer, Matic Zavodnik, Ziga Rakovec.

A movie by Philipp Romppel

Additional footage: Bálint Hambalkó ,Karen Wullink, Paul Tiefenbacher

Thanks to all the people who helped us out and/or supported the project or the people behind it. Means a lot!

Special thanks to Andreas, Sam, Flo, Tom, Eric, Philip, Eddie, Philip, Martin, Nico, Christian, Thorsten and Alex.