Check out this sick short movie by bEEF, featuring some a-grade suburban mini-shred from the likes of Jordan Small and Johnny Miller.

Remember the times when you wake up, look outside your window, and see just enough snow outside your house for a mini-shred? Those days usually wind up being some of the most fun you ever have on your snowboard and this mini-movie, 'Dead Pixels' brings us back to some of those good memories.

Hit play above for just over 8 minutes of super fun, creative mini-shred in the suburban streets, presumably either around Lake Tahoe in Cali. Expect hippy jumps, roof drops, miller flips over logs, swinging from girders and a bunch more cool shit like that.

Dead Pixels features the snowboarding of: Jake Schaible, Bob Abrams, Johnny Miller, Simon Sakai, Ryan Rose, Mike Gray, Jordan Small, Justin Mulford, Lenny Mazzotti, Oliver Dixon, Mathias Nordby, Kory Young, Brett Wilkinson, Kody Williams, and Robert Toste.