The road to recovery is never easy.

Anyone who's ever got hurt snowboarding will know that an injury can consume you if you let it: all you can think about is getting back on your board again. Wojtek Pawlusiak had to deal with all that too, but took it in his stride and learnt a lot along the way.

Check out his story.

"My name is Wojtek Pawlusiak, I'm a professional snowboarder. I injured my knee on the 11th of January and it took me six months to get back on board . Complication tells the story about my road to recovery."

Camera and edit by Michał Zieliński - Camcraft Studio

Directed by Wojtek Pawlusiak & Michał Zieliński

Produced by Wojtek Pawlusiak

Music by BOKKA from "Bokka" album (Nextpop Label, 2013)

Licencja: Music & Sons Sp. z o.o.

Special thanks to: Red Bull, Nixon and Rehabilitacja w Klinice św. Łukasza for making this video possible!