Check out the brand new movie from Swedish production outfit 'No Budget', featuring a solid crew of Swedish street rippers, plus a couple of other European homies for good measure. There's some killer snowboarding in this one!

With the Random Bastards not making a movie in 2014 there was a pretty big hole left to fill in the Swedish snowboard scene last season. Some of the former crew members started up their own thing with Taco Trip, while others began filming with crews like No Budget.

'The Warriors' is No Budget's offering for 2014 and features a solid list of riders launch an all-out assault on the street spots of Scandinavia as well as further afield.

With spoken intros introducing all of the riders, often in Swedish, this one maintains a really distinctive Scandinavian vibe throughout - something we still enjoy seeing in regional snowboard movies.

Whatever you do, don't miss Anton 'The Gun' Gunnarsson's blinder of an opening part, featuring some seriously chunky features and gaps.

Featuring: Anton Gunnarsson, Jonas Tollgren, Thomas Iversen, Tove Holmgren, Dominik Wagner, Benny Urban and Lowe Andersson