Throw a stone in Finland and you'll probably hit a dude who can front board through a down flat down with his eyes closed.

Finland has given rise to some of the sickest riders in snowboarding as we know it and this new film from the BNGR MOB crew shows exactly how these kids get so damn good: by taking hit after hit in a city that has snow on the ground for a significant part of the year. 'Collage' is these guys' first full length movie and it's an impressive showcase of what these young guns have to offer.

It's hardly a coincidence, seeing as they're also Finnish, but this movie reminds us of early KBR Productions flicks, which have produced some seriously talented and internationally recognised snowboarders. If these guys keep it up, we think we'll be hearing a lot more of Antti Komulainen, Joonas Eloranta, Lasse Ihalainen, Samu Mikkonen and Tatu Toivanen. Sick movie fellas!