Parental Advisory: Explicit content, rad riding, nasty antics, and a vibe only a free snowboard movie from Iceland could spark.

Unsurprisingly, a movie full of poop, pee, chunder, boobs, drunkenness, slams and snowboarding was one of our most successful website offerings of 2012.

Even our homie Halldor Helgason hit us up, saying “My Icelandic friends just released their first snowboard movie called A2M by the Barf Bags. It’s pretty heavy, nasty. Age limit +16 I guess…"

Riders: Hákon Traustason, Ísak Kristinn Harðarsson, Gunnar Viðar Gunnarsson, Adam Granqvist, Sölvi B.Helgason, Matthías Arnarsson, Kareem el rafie, Abbe Hjellstrom, Svavar Jensen, Harold Helgason, Sindri Steinarsson and Coach Thunder!