The Helgasons and their Icelandic homies are back with another 20 minutes of straight-up mayhem. While RV Juice is definitely a notch below last year's Barf Bag offering on the ladder of nastiness, this still features some scenes that will definitely offend some. Best to avoid this one if you're under 16 or work in a suit, otherwise Halldor Helgason will track you down and dish you out a spanking...

If you saw Barf Bags movie from last season - tentatively titled 'A2M' and featuring a final scene that definitely got a few of the riders involved into a spot of hot water - you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect with RV Juice.

Poop, chunder, boobies, booze, head-banging, brutal slams, puffing and of course some sick-nasty snowboarding, all combine to make this one of the most entertaining movies we've seen all season.

Watch at your peril.