Norwegian crew Bad Plans just dropped their second full movie, This Order, and it's loaded with savage street shred...

Here is our second movie project, THIS ORDER! Featuring Sigurd Lindquist, Joakím Boldó, Håvard Roald, Didric Lothe & Kristoffer Lerånd. Filmed mostly in shitty conditions in Trondheim, Norway. Except Boldós shots, they where filmed somewhere in Findland/Sweden.

Filmed by Andreas Grong, Stian Karlsen & Sigurd Vaagland.

Additional filming by Zenja Potapov, Kristoffer Fredriksson, Tommi Ollikainen, Emil Vikström, Håkon Haslum, Alexander Klerud & Kristoffer Lerånd.

Graphics by Sigurd Lindquist.

Animations by Henrik Monrad.

Edited by Andreas Grong.