Solid full pow, park and street movie from Austrian crew 'The Army'!

We were pretty damn hyped on the teaser for this movie when it dropped around half a year back. By the looks of it, The Army crew out of Austria had managed to create a light-hearted, upbeat movie with plenty of solid snowboarding and good vibes. While some may argue that this format, which has long been more popular over here in Europe lacks a little edge, it sure made us want to strap in and go ride, which definitely can't be said for every snowboard movie we've watched recently.

There is nothing more beautiful than being in the mountains with your friends doing what you love to do!

For a crew or relative unknowns, the riding here is solid too, with powder, park and street all thrown in the mix. Well worth checking out this evening if you're feeling open minded and craving some turns!

Dominik Metzler, Christian Geiger, Daniel Vonach, Philip Toplitsch, Marc Schumy, Georgi Mihaylov and our friends.

A film by Adam Graf