Almo Films have just dropped their brand new movie 'No One Knows' in full and it's well worth a watch. Featuring some great snowboarding from some of France's finest, plus a few international homies, 'No One Knows' is without doubt one of the strongest movies out of Europe this year.

After teasing us with Mathieu Crepel's footage last week, we've been waiting with baited breath for the full Almo Films movie 'No One Knows' ever since. This morning it dropped onto our virtual desktops and predictably is filled with some amazing snowboarding, from trick, location, as well as cinematographic perspectives.

Featuring some of the best snowboarders currently making turns out in France, as well as homies Jørn Simen Aaboe, Sebbe de Buck and Fred Couderc (from Norway, Belgium and Switzerland respectively), 'No One Knows' has enough variety to keep your eyes fixated on your screen throughout.

The movie is loosely split into chapters, with dedicated powder, street, park and big mountain sections, and it's a nice way of connecting the footage of so many different riders together into a solid, cohesive package.

Sit back, get this thing on full screen and enjoy. The filming is crisp, the music is tight and there is some truly great riding contained in its 32 minute running length. Nice work boys!

Featuring : Mathieu Crépel, Victor de le Rue, Sebbe De Buck, Sylvain Bourbousson, Jorn Simen Aaboe, Thomas Delfino, Victor Daviet, Morgan Le Faucheur, Laurent Duhalde and Fred Couderc

Produced & Directed by : Morgan Le Faucheur

Filming & Editing : Evan Rouillard, Mathieu Mazuel

Motion Design : Evan Rouillard

Artwork : Emilie Baronnat

Instagram : @almofilm