aren/t many things free in life, but Almo Film's latest Francocentric banger fest DRÔLE DE VIE is one of them. Check this out for a showcase of the finest French snowboarders in all the land.

Almo Films have stepped it up another notch this year with DRÔLE DE VIE. The intros are all hilarious and the snowboarding ain't half shabby either. Be sure to look out for the massive opening section from Victor de le Rue, and what will surely be a breakthrough part for Victor Daviet, who ends off the movie rather spectacularly indeed.

Not to mention of course some stellar snowboarding from the likes of Mathieu Crépel,

Sylvain Bourbousson, Thomas Delfino, Morgan Le Faucheur, Laurent Duhalde, David Livet and Fred Couderc.

So grab a baguette, go put on your beret, tweak that moustache... ah scrap it, just press play yeah?