you just need a break from it all, so why not grab your snowboard, skateboard and surfboard and hop into a van to travel from Innsbruck to Morocco?

That's exactly, what Benno Postert, Matze Reif and Maximilian Meisberger thought this winter and instead of just talking about it, they actually went and did it. Watch their travel story for amazing images and well-rounded up travel story, that should immediately get you stoked on doing the same.

"In Winter 2014 Benno Postert, Matze Reif and Maximilian Meisberger traveled on a roadtrip from Innsbruck to Morocco. On the way they went snowboarding in the Pyrenees and Sierra Nevada before they traveled on over the sea gate of Gibraltar to Morocco. This country offers cultural and natural diversity, unique surf spots along the coastline, many possibilities for snowboarding in the Atlas Mountains and for skating. A dream came true."