The Finnish rookie crew dropped their all-new, street-heavy full flick. Give it a watch!

Last winter was really good with it’s ups and downs, we traveled a lot around the finland to stack footage. We got couple new riders in the CREW, Tatu Toivanen, Lasse Ihalainen and Joel Ahola are the newest members of the family. Suddenly all our sponsors dropped us out because of the financial problems, so we were free to do whatever we liked without responsibility to film some edit’s etc. So basically we didn’t do anything else than filming to our newest movie called "AK-94".


Joel Ahola

Aapo Enqvist

Lasse Ihalainen

Anton Kiiski

Tuomas Pohjonen

Mikko Rehnberg

Rene Rinnekangas

Riko Rinnekangas

Nooa Risku

Tatu Toivanen

Film by Aapo Enqvist