Jonas is a rad Swedish gent who's been shredding for 22 years and who has, for the last 3 winters, basically been living the dream of doing nothing but riding powder all season. Check this introduction to who he is and where his roots are. Interesting.

Protest takes you on a journey "From here to there" with 3 of their professional snowboarders. Following them on their journey from their personal here to get there, whether it's a search for the ultimate pow, the perfect tree run, winning contests under pressure or creating footage in imperfect conditions.

Jonas Hagstrom grew up with his ‘own’ back yard ski resort, run by his parents. Here’s where he started snowboarding 22 years ago in a time where there were no images or videos to watch and see how it was done. There was one thing he did know, he loved it! Nowadays he travels the world in search for the ultimate pow and runs his own music school in his hometown. Follow Jonas on his mission, there’s more to come…..