The Norwegian slayer is the subject of Isenseven's latest Madventures episode, which sees him hit up the terrain around ex-Isenseven shredder HC Bergheim's Grotli hotel in his homeland with Tobi Strauss and co.

These Madventures are pretty light on shredding but instead aim to give more of a feeling of what goes on with the Isenseven riders as they travel the globe trying to get shots for their video parts. Evensen's is up this time round and sees the kid with the whitest teeth in snowboarding hit up the Grotli Hotel for the seventh year running and, as well as chilling the hell out and investigating igloos left over from WWII film shoots, the guys manage to find a spot for a Wu-Tanger and hit up a small kicker set up on what appears to be a random snow trail in the middle of nowhere.

Peep for some Fredness.