Forum's latest teaser for their team flick, Vacation, has double corks, pow, urban, kickers, urban kickers, Nic Sauve on a horse (again), plenty of 10s and Ice Cube. This movie will be good.

Forum, Foursquare and Special Blend's team dudes look to have produced another instant classic. We threw out a barrage of WTF?!s when peeping this.

Once again, here's the Euro premiere dates, along with those across the pond for our North American bretheren...

European Tour:

Oct. 1st Feldkirch, Austria – Poolbar

Oct. 3rd Barcelona, Spain – Shoko Club

Oct. 5th Marseille, France – La Friche et Le Cabaret Aléatoire

Oct. 6th Bozen, Italy – Halle 28

Oct. 8th Landgraaf, The Netherlands – SnowWorld

North American Tour:

Oct. 13th Calgary, AB CAN – Plaza Theater

Oct. 14th Vancouver, BC CAN – Forum Sports Bar

Oct. 15th Portland, OR – Mission Theater

Oct.19th Detroit, MI – Crofoot Ballroom

Oct. 20th Montreal, QC CAN – Boulevard 44

Oct. 20th Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall

Oct. 21st Reno, NV – The Freight House District

Oct. 21st Plymouth, NH – The Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center

Oct. 22nd Salt Lake City, UT – Complex

Oct. 23rd New York City, NY – The Red Bull Space