Flashback... to the future? There are few riders today that match the board control and pure send mode of these three - Jamie Lynn, Dave Downing and Noah Salasnek. At least according to our editor-in-chief, that is. It's a sincere hope that this gem reaches the eyes of some young buck somewhere, we'd love to see a back three as audacious as any of Jamie Lynn's - or anything near the laziness of a Salasnek toeside turn -again.

Cut from Mack Dawg's Stomping Grounds, a classic if there ever was one, this part is almost guaranteed to have burnt out its fair share of VHS players when it was released in ’96. And then some. It’s rare to hear someone who knows their snowboarding onions who doesn't list this in their all time top ten. All set to Lagwagon as well, fucking Lagwagon! Yes!

This is why snowboarders over 30 go on about it being better back in the day. I mean, it wasn't, but it was so good. Get inspired.