Re-live the times when snowboarding was actually cool by watching this gem from 1993. The rider list is like a who's who of shred legends, with Terje, Mike Ranquet, Jamie Lynn, Bryan Iguch, John Cardiel and more tearing shit up. Hell of a find, Powder & Rails dudes.

Here's the spiel from Vice's Powder and Rails guys:

In 1993 Dave Seoane followed a group of snowboarders up and down the West Coast and the Mid West as they leave their limousines only to shred the mountains along the way.

Roadkill was the first video Dave Seoane directed way back in 1993. It was a huge departure from the previous FLF videos: there was no narration and no filler; it was all riding and lifestyle. It was also back when everyone listened to Epitaph Records bands, so there's a lot of those on soundtrack. The crew all ride around in a limousine, between breakdowns, up and down the West Coast and Mid West, shredding at different mountains along the way.

There are a billion highlights: Jamie Lynn traveling with Circe Wallace from Washington to Tahoe to shoot what would become his signature frontside 3's, Steve Graham going bigger than everyone, Shaun Palmer sporting a clown hair-do doing an enormous backside 3 off of the Donner cliffs, John Cardiel wildly ripping both snowboard and skateboard, just to name a few. Actually, Cards does some of the best looking air to fakie's of all time in this thing, all on a mini ramp surrounded by snow in the woods. Future legends of style Jeff Brushie, Brian Thien, and Bryan Iguchi also show up, ripping everything Big Bear had to offer—from rails to jumps to pipe. If you love the early 90's skate style vibe of big Blind jeans and fast music you'll love Roadkill.