This is the one you've been waiting for. Two of the world's most talented shred rats – Torstein Horgmo and Halldor Helgason – go head to head in a game of In Your Face. Truly epic.

Torstein and Halldor are both so good it's unreal. They also clearly both get this internet thing - (where this clip comes from) and should be hit up regularly for your dose of these guys and their mates killing it/dicking around in equal measure.

Now, like Rocky vs that Russian steroid dude but without the Cold War backdrop, dubious dialogue or homo-erotic shirtless shots, they've faced each other down on the myriad of hits Northstar's park offers.

To be honest, we have no idea how they even remember the combos they're supposed to do, let alone actually do them. But it is a banger, that's for sure. Peep that bad mother.