Now we've all seen token intoxicated students blasting down sunny French pistes in bikinis but we've never come across this before. Guys and girls, both skiers and snowboarders, ripping it up in the backcountry fully starkers.

If getting clicks was what the Valhalla folk were after with this, they couldn't really have opted for a better concept. Take a bunch of riders, get 'em in the buff and film them sending it in powder with some nice cameras.

We have to warn you though, this does contain multiple shots of what we can only imagine were severely shrunken balls and willys, with a light splattering of boobs here and there. Watch as you see fit.

All we can say is that we're glad to see they still have all their avalanche gear on. Oh, and we'll never think of the phrase 'balls deep in pow' the same way again...