French crew ERO ONE FILMS just dropped the teaser for their all-new snowboard movie WHITE GRAVE. As usual it will feature some of the best Francophone riders from Europe: Florent Marot, Vince Pages, Jani Sorasalmi, Niels Schack, Julien Rochette, Anthony Brotto, Emilien Badoux, Dim Biau, Christian Weber, Antoine Baduel, Mat & Sam Schaer, Féfé Pellacani, Fred Couderc and friends...

Head over to their website, their Facebook page, and being French we're sure they're on Minitel, too.

Filmed by : Jon Vital & Julien Roserens.

Supported by : DC Shoes, K2 Snowboarding, Head Snowboards, Imperium, Horsefeathers, Analog, Unleashed winch, Thyon 4 Vallées.