German heavyweight Elias Elhardt, has just dropped the second episode of his stomach clenchingly gnarly POV videos from his trip to India from the movie 'Perceptions'. In today's episode, there's some monkey madness, heavy lines and the signature Elias slash.

Whilst RED cameras and heli-tracking shots are more than welcome on our screens at any time, it's always sick to see big mountain riding tackled with a good 'ol POV shot. It completely changes your perception on the lines riders are taking - from scoping the line, to sending it over ridges, it takes a riders view for you to really appreciate the technicality of a run.

This is the second episode of the 'GoPro Show' in 3 days, so if Elias must have reels of footage to drop judging by the frequency of the episodes. His segment in 'Distorted Reality' last year was the stand-out part of the year, so we're guessing he's got footy for days. You can check out the first episode of the 'GoPro Show' here.

Watch all of the Elias Elhardt GoPro show episodes below:

The ELIAS GO PRO SHOW documents the life of the snowboard pro Elias Elhardt on his trips around the world! Elias is riding the finest spots from Japan to Alaska and you get a view through the eyes of an outstanding rider. Enjoy the this edit showing a incredible line in Kashmir – 4000m above sea level.