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We shared a shot of one Lobster's, ahem, 'interesting' secret graphics yesterday on the Onboard Facebook page, but now the brothers Helgason are on video to give you the exclusive lowdown. Put your mind in the gutter and have the boys give you insight into the conceptual blue-sky chinstroking thought behind the artwork, and the board's performance.

Below is how they put it in their own words. We think they mean 'edition' rather than 'addition', but we'll let it slide - after all: we went to school, learned to spell and all that, but are we the ones living in Monaco, owning several of our own brands, and running the internet? Are we bollocks...

Some fruit company might have dropped a new phone today, but here is the biggest launch: The secret Lobster Special Addition Graphics!

The Special Addition Baords are produced in very limited editions so make sure to book yours fast from your favourite snowboard shop or direct from the all new www.LobsterSnowboards.com (now live!).

Both sketchy alley Park Baord and the candy machine Jib Baord have the same specs as the normal Jib & Park Baord – only difference is that your mum will be more stoked on these graphics. Hell yeah!