After 6 months of rehab following his knee surgery, homeslice Eero Ettala gets back on snow at High Cascade camp with legend Kevin Jones, brozones Iikka Backstrom, Eero Niemela, Aarron Biittner and more in this rad summer edit. Check it...

After a promising start to last winter on the frigid streets of Helsinki, Eero was dealt a bad hand and knackered his ACL meaning most of last winter was spent rehabbing like hell. Ettala's not one to lay about idly, though, throughout his period off the shred sled he's been keeping busy by filming his buddies skating and snowboarding for his HTML home, And as of the last couple of months he's had the Ok to start skating again, tentatively. Though 'tentatively' in Ettala terms means 'holy fucking shit that kid could be a pro skater.'

Now he's strapped back in and had his first shred session in half a year at High Cascade. Textbook front boards, switch double backies... he's still got it. This is also memorable for having legendary snowboarder Kevin Jones in it. Not only is he in it, he takes a rather impressive neck snapper off the obstacle course box. Awesome!