The reign of the Hintertux pre-season edit has come to its unceremonious and inevitable end. Now comes the rise of the Keystone edit as the annual migration of riders heads Westwards to Colorado, where the snowboard elite nest for the coming weeks.

In one of our first glimpses of Keystone this season, this edit produced by Ryan Sheetz, gives us a taste of whats to come from the good ol' US of A. Zach Soderholm, Will Mayo, and Tylor Berreth have wasted no time in getting to business in what looks like a super fun jib-park.

With a flurry of frontside boardslides that makes you wonder if Zach has magnets on the base of his board, it's a killer introduction of whats to come from Keystone this season. We're hyped to see what goes down when the booters get built!