Ok, so it's already old news that Shaun White has been out in Perisher, Australia training in a private halfpipe and park, and we imagined that he'd be working on some new tricks in time for Sochi 2014.

But does this footage, which appears to be leaked GoPro PR material, show Shaun practicing some brand new tricks? We have to admit that we're finding it increasingly hard to keep up with all these multi-axis rotations, particularly when they're done in pipe, but it's pretty clear to us that these are NOT triple cork attempts.

From what we can tell, this looks like a frontside double 1260, followed by a cab double 1260 (correction: as G Dog points out below, these are actually both 1440s - we can't count) later on in the vid - a similar trick to the 'Yolo flip' that Iouri Podladtchikov stomped at the European X Games in Tignes back in March.

Is Shaun attempting to learn tricks that will put him on par with Iouri, should he unleash that particular trick in a run next February?

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