Sebi Geiger and his homies will be producing 6 webisodes over the course of this winter documenting their season's shenanigans. This is the teaser for Different Direction, and as teasers go it's certainly different!

We hit up Sebi to get the dirt on his new project and what we can expect over the coming winter...

Hey Sebi, what's up? Where are you from, and who do you ride for?

I'm from a li'l town in the western part of Austria called Frastanz. My sponsors are 686, Ride, Electric and Sajas Snowshop.

You've just released the teaser to Different Direction. In what way will your project be different, and why did you want to take such an approach to your webisodes?

The development of competitive snowboarding is crazy these days with all the doubles and triples, and we've got big respect for that but for us there is more to snowboarding than riding the same icy jump 1000 times or watching the same backcountry jump in every movie. With the Different Direction project we want to show how creative snowboarding can be and how many options you have out there. We will ride never-before-seen spots in our different direction.

You also produced a series last winter. what did you learn from doing those episodes?

We learned so much last winter because it was our first season doing a project like this. A lot of the buissnes side and stuff like that.

Are you bringing anything new to the table for this season's episodes?

Yeah, we have new guest riders, a new main filmer (NISE) and we found a few sponsors for it. We also will have some guest filmers from different countries who are hanging out and filming a bit with us too.

Do you have any concrete plans for the new series?

We already fixed some guest riders like Marco Feichtner, Thomas Feurstein, Daniel Rajcsanyi, Flo Corzelius and Christian Geiger. We also have some ideas where we want to film, but in the end we will go with the flow.

Do you intend to release just the parts, or will there be a 'full movie' of all the action dropping at any time?

We will release the episodes, some trash clips and a "mini-movie" next fall.

How important do you think it is for riders these days to be being proactive and creating things like you're doing?

I think it's a good way to push yourself and your riding instead of waiting for a production to film with.

Who's helping to make the weisodes happen?

One of my best friends, Sebastian Madlener from Nise productions, will film and produce the whole project so he is helping me a lot. And, of course, the sponsors: Ride, 686 and Sajas!